Bitcoin Astrology: Nov 2021

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3 min readNov 4, 2021

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Cosmic Origins

31 October 2008 at 6.10pm GMT:
Bitcoin whitepaper sent out by Satoshi Nakamoto over email to a cryptography mailing list.

03 January 2009 at 6.15pm GMT:
Bitcoin genesis block

Using England (GMT) as an arbitrary birthplace, we produced a natal chart (above) indicating key planetary positions and constellations for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Characteristics

1. Strong Earth Element

Symbolic of physical tangibility which suggests a profound “realness” to Bitcoin. An understandable quality as the cornerstone of the crypto world, and in line with its image of reliability as a core crypto store of value.

2. Capricorn Sun Sign + Capricorn Stellium

Qualities of longevity and tenacity, bouncing back stronger after every setback. Capricorns are strong performers and will grind their way to the top.

Seeking legitimacy is a Capricornian theme. Bitcoin will seek stability through legitimacy in the long-run.

Present Reading

Broadly speaking, Uranus entering Taurus since 2019 heralds 7 years of immense shift and change in the financial world. This coincided with the end of the crypto winter as well as Covid paradigm shifts we saw in late-2019 and into last year. Are we in the first phase of a watershed transition towards a digital economy?

26 March 2021 to 07 November 2021:
Jupiter coming into Bitcoin’s Neptune while in the sign of Aquarius results in over-idealisation and an inflationary, speculative environment.

14 May 2021 to 03 Jan 2022:
Overlapping with the above, Jupiter coming into Bitcoin’s Venus creates a sense of high value, attractiveness and popularity.

06 July 2020 to 07 February 2021:
Uranus in Taurus hovering between the Lunar Nodes of Bitcoin sees a seminal shift towards steadiness, stability and value. This is expected to be a great period of growth for Bitcoin.
This coincides nicely with the start of Bitcoin’s bull run where it has held levels steadily above the previous high of 20k. Will the bull run taper off in Q2 2022?

13 June 2021 to 21 April 2022:
With Uranus in Taurus coinciding with Bitcoin’s sun (Capricorn) we saw Bitcoin emerging from the huge May 2021 dip to make new highs typical of a Capricorn.

What Does the Future Hold?

i. November 2021 to January 2022:
A transition period where Venus will retrograde on Bitcoin’s sun sign. Some questions will be raised about Bitcoin’s value and popularity. Perhaps the seasonal rotation from Bitcoin to Ethereum and Altcoins?

ii. January 2022 to end-February 2022:
Mercury retrograde could result in some uncertainty over Bitcoin stemming from particular pieces of news and information.

This uncertainty could spill past February given some contractionary signals:

- Saturn coming into Bitcoin’s Neptune and Chiron signals containment and contraction.
- Saturn over Neptune would end the over-idealisation and bring Bitcoin back down to earth. (pricking of the bubble?)
- Saturn hitting Chiron indicates wounding and healing. Perhaps some regulatory headlines?
- Jupiter will also come into Bitcoin’s moon to square up Mars and Pluto indicating some emotional deflation over the current optimism.

Iii. 2023 and Beyond
Something that stands out is Neptune entering Aries from 2026. A mixed message indicating a period of nebulousness and directionlessness but also the promise of new possibilities.


Overall, the charts seem to advise caution into Q2 2022. Perhaps this will be in line with a slowdown in global markets from tapering by the Fed.